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Some crazy WordPress facts

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wordpress facts

Being the leading CMS (Content Management System) today, WordPress currently runs almost 30% of all the websites on the web. Yes, that accounts to approximately 24.8 million live WordPress websites. Being very user friendly, WordPress is an open source CMS which is why it has a huge developer community support.

WordPress is a PHP based content management system which is supported by Linux and Windows server (with a few modules ready). Being the best CMS out there has some disadvantages as well, such as being vulnerable to a lot of security flaws and this makes almost 39% of the WordPress website running the older version of the CMS getting hacked.

Here are some crazy WordPress facts:

  • The famous “W” logo of WordPress was designed by Santa Maria in 2005 and prior to that, WordPress did not have any logo.
  • Christine Tremoule coined the term “WordPress” and that is how this CMS got its name.
  • The first version of WordPress was 0.7 and was introduced on May 27, 2003. 
  • WordPress is older than Facebook and Twitter.
  • WordPress is written in PHP, runs on MySQL database and supports Javascript.
  • The official website for WordPress is not as it is
  • In 2014, WordPress was the most requested skill.
  • Apart from the initial release, all the WordPress releases are named after jazz artists. Checkout the names here
  • The most used WordPress version is 4.9 which accounts to around 39.5% of all wordpress websites.
  • 8 of the Fortune 500 companies use WordPress as their CMS.
  • WordPress has official sunglasses. The price of the sunglasses is $5.
  • WordPress’ mascot’s name is Wapuu
  • $57.54 is the average price of a WordPress theme.
  • Avada theme sold on ThemeForest has generated more than 21 million dollars from sales till today.
  • Manual installation time of WordPress is 5 minutes.
  • On an average WordPress gets an update after every 42 days.
  • WordPress gets 1.7 billion search results on Google.
  • WooCommerce, a powerful online store plugin for WordPress powers almost 28% of all online stores.
  • “Hello Dolly” the iconic WordPress plugin only displays lyrics of the song by Louis Armstrong.
  • 52% of the vulnerability reports of WordPress are for the plugins.
  • Websites of popular celebrities such as Serena Williams, Jay Z, Rolling Stones, Usain Bolt, Katy Perry, Sylvester Stallone and Ariana Grande uses WordPress.


Wordpress facts

wordpress release names

0.7 none
1 Davis
1.2 Mingus
1.5 Strayhorn

2 Duke
2.1 Ella
2.2 Getz
2.3 Dexter
2.5 Brecker
2.6 Tyner
2.7 Coltrane
2.8 Baker
2.9 Carmen

3 Thelonious
3.1 Reinhardt
3.2 Gershwin
3.3 Sonny
3.4 Green
3.5 Elvin
3.6 Oscar
3.7 Basie
3.8 Parker
3.9 Smith

4 Benny
4.1 Dinah
4.2 Powell
4.3 Billie
4.4 Clifford
4.5 Coleman
4.6 Pepper
4.7 Vaughan
4.8 Evans
4.9 Tipton

5 Bebo
5.1 Betty
5.2 Jaco
5.3 Kirk
5.4 Adderley
5.5 Eckstine
5.6 Simone
5.7 Esperanza
5.8 Tatum
5.9 Joséphine