Email Migration Service

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Email Migration Service

If you are looking for faster email migration service across Webmail, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, we’ve got our easy migration service for you.

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Planning to move your emails, our Email Migration service can help. Additionally, we’ll configure your email into your Microsoft Outlook on your computer as well (If requested).What we’ll needWe’ll need you email credentials of both the mailboxes, the one from which you are transferring the mails and the one to which the mails are to be migrated. We’ll take a maximum of 24 hours to complete the migration or if an extra amount of time is needed, we’ll notify you.We support all types of email providers. Note: All prices are mentioned in Australian Dollars (AUD).

frequently asked questions

The email restoration process will restore all the emails present in the backup or the previous email account. We make sure that you do not loose any of your data present in your emails including the attachments.

The folder structure which was present in your backup/previous email will reflect in your new mail or the migrated data.

It depends on the size of the mailbox. Usually it gets completed within few hours however, sometimes the process needs some attention and may take upto 24 hours to complete the email migration process.

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