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Contact us to restore your hacked website or server and also to enhance the security of your website

Is your website or server hacked?

Do you have a website which has been injected with a malicious code and having any of the following situations:

or you would like to audit & enhance the security of your server to protect it against malicious attacks from hackers

we can restore & protect your website data

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we protect your website against threats

We’ll act as the bodyguards of your website, server & your database. 

instant support

We act on your issue as soon as we receive your request because it is very important to secure the web hosting to protect your website data before it gets deleted.

website data restoration

We are security experts in restoration of data after your server has had malicious code attack or it has faced a hack. We recover hacked websites every day.

protection against attacks

We scan your website regularly and enhance the security of your website to protect it against future malicious code attacks that could completely delete your data.

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did you know?

The websites which are using WordPress as their content management system are more likely to get hacked or face malicious attack because of following reasons:

our process

We follow a very simple 3 step process to recover a hacked website and protect it against future hacks. We also keep you informed and updated at every step of restoration of hacked website.

Hacked website restoration process

Step 1: We’ll assess the situation & gather required information such as website login details (username & password). Our team will find all the vulnerabilities, plan & review the strategy to restore or secure the website.

Step 2: Our team of security experts will complete the restoration of your hacked website and database, use our scanner to find all the loopholes in plugins, core files and themes. We’ll secure the htaccess file and the database by hardening the security measures.

Step 3: We’ll run a deep scan of the web server to further find the malware or the malicious code that caused the website to be down or control panel to become inaccessible. Securing the admin account and sign in process will also be a part of the service / recovery of the hacked website. Apart from this, the backup feature would also be enabled to make sure we have all the files if such a thing happens in future.

frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of questions related to our website restoration and security services that are mostly asked by our customers before starting the restoration services. If you have still got some query related to the security of your websites, feel free to ask your questions from our team of security experts. 

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In that case, if none of the user accounts on the website are unable to login to the backend of the website, we’ll help you restore your access to the website and will reset/secure your previous user accounts (admin). We’ll harden your security measures to protect it against brute force attacks from hackers. Feel free to contact us to get a custom quote if your website has been hacked.

There are millions of hacking attacks made on billions of websites on a daily basis and these are targeted attacks which are directed towards vulnerabilities present on the websites or web servers. To keep yourself safe from malware attacks, you’ll have to regularly check for vulnerabilities and keep the core files and plugins up to date. Our company can work as a shield for your website. Contact us to know more.

In order to get the access to the server. we’ll need the login credentials of your web hosts or your hosting provider in order to find out the actual cause of the hacked website. Once we fix/repair everything at the hosting end, you may change your passwords or your admin details. If we change the URL to the login pages, we’ll notify you and you should use these pages or URLs to access the backend. This will keep you safe from malware attacks done by brute force attacks.

Unless you are an expert at website security and sever security, it is not advisable to try to restore the hacked website by yourself as you may lose some important files in this process and this will make the things very difficult. You could change your passwords associated with your account on your hosting provider. Let the experts fix and repair the files on your server.

Although antivirus programs are programmed to make sure that your website is secure from hackers and hacking attempts, your site is still vulnerable to facing a hack as the antivirus software used on the website also needs to be updated regularly along with the other files on the server. In short, an antivirus software on the website can scan the pages for malware code and alert you but cannot offer a complete system protection against a hacker trying to hack into your website by using malicious code (malware) on the pages of your website.

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