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Get more traffic to your website & enhance your online presence with our SEO services.

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Top rated SEO Agency in Sydney, Australia

Get more traffic to your website & enhance your online presence with our SEO services.

How easy is it to find you online?

You might have the best website in the world but do people know where to find you?

95% of the people find business and their website in search results that come up after making a search query for the related search terms. The businesses which acquire the top rankings in organic search are the ones which gets the most benefit of attracting the visitors.

In order to grow your business through the web, you’ll need the help of the SEO experts who can get you those search engine rankings.

SEO vs Paid Ads

Search Engine Optimization vs Paid Ads

Organic search results are always trusted more than paid ad results.

Search Engine Optimization costs less in the long run when compared to paid ad spending.

That is where our Proven SEO strategies can help you win

We are a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Our team of SEO experts has helped hundreds of businesses crush the competition on web. That is why we are amongst the top SEO agencies in Sydney, Australia.

SEO Agency in Sydney

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

All the search engines on the web work almost in a similar manner – they first collect all the data or the content provided on the web page or the website and the process the information collected through the algorithm that these search engines are based on.

There are hundreds of known and unknown factors that determine the position that these search engines will assign to your content which can be either the text, images or the videos. Each search engine has its own algorithm and this algorithm gets periodically updated and tweaked with a lot of factors which determine your website ranking based on your keywords.

Did you know?

  • Google is the most widely used search engine in the world
  • 75% of searchers never click past the first page of results
  • The top 5 results get 75% of the clicks
  • Website speed is one of the key factors in determining SEO rankings
  • Most of the searches made on Google are related to local businesses
  • Right content creation strategy can get you higher organic traffic and therefore help you reach the first page of Google search results
Search Engine Optimization COmpany

Want your website to load at fastest speeds?

We offer website speed optimization service specifically for SEO and Digital Marketing which not only helps in online marketing for your business but also helps your business in lead generation.

our process

We offer our SEO services in Sydney and being the best SEO agency in Sydney, we are the SEO specialists who take care of the right SEO strategy for your business growth, your local SEO, enterprise SEO, link building, Keyword Research and the whole technical SEO process.

Our process is very simple and we do not use any Black Hat SEO techniques which may eventually harm your search engine rankings. Right from the start, the Search Engine Optimisation process is very transparent and you will be able to track your website’s progress using some of the most user friendly interfaces on the web. 

SEO audit

Our SEO experts will analyse your website ranking and the current SEO results.

SEO strategy

Based on our analysis, we'll determine the right SEO strategy to take you to page one of Google.

Content creation

We are experts in SEO content creation. Our team will stuff the right keywords to your website's content.

link building

After on-page optimisation, it is the off page optimisation which is done by the best SEO experts.

We offer integrations with all Google services.

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Want to know the estimated cost of SEO services?

Use our online SEO cost estimator to get an idea of how much you’ll have to spend in order to increase the organic traffic to your website using the right SEO strategy from the best SEO agency in Sydney.

popular search engine optimisation services

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex process and it needs to be done by SEO specialists only. SEO management process takes care of all the necessary factors which help you to get on the first page of Google rankings. Whether it is on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, local SEO, link building, backlinks, ecommerce SEO or keyword research, we take care of the technical SEO part for you. 

Keyword Research

The first and the most important step of any SEO process or content marketing is to find the right keywords for your website. This is done by analysing the most searched and the most clicked terms based on the target audience.

award winning keyword research strategies

The right keyword planning based on keyword research is very important to get the valuable insights in to the search queries that your target audience is searching on various search engines. These insights can then be used to create the right content marketing strategies to target the audience which can be potential leads. If your content is good enough to grab the attention of the reader, it will help in the lead generation process.

Being the best SEO agency in Sydney, our keyword research and content marketing services have not only helped Sydney businesses but clients all over the globe. Feel free to get a free quote from our SEO experts.

eCommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO means optimising your online store and product pages as per the latest Search Engine Optimisation standards. Apart from this, the navigational hierarchy, internal link structure and the metadata also needs to be taken care of.

sell more & get more organic traffic to your online store

Be it on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation or adding the right calls to action on the website, all these are managed by a team of SEO experts. Very few SEO companies are able to manage the ecommerce SEO effectively. In order to grow your business as an online store, the right technical SEO and the right keyword research is necessary. We are experts in setting up your online presence in a way that you get most of the organic traffic to your website from Search Engines. This also reduces the cost of Google ads as you’ll have to spend less on Google ads for business.

YouTube SEO

Get more organic views to your videos on YouTube and take your YouTube channel to the next level. Millions of videos get uploaded to YouTube daily and it is very hard to get to the top search results if the right SEO strategy is not used.

get more likes, views and shares of your YouTube videos

Achieve higher ranking with our YouTube SEO services. If you are a YouTube content creator, you’ll know the struggle of getting your video rank better in organic search results. We can run your SEO campaign on YouTube to let your video achieve better positions in YouTube search using the right SEO strategies. This will not only help you in getting more viewers through online presence but will also increase the number of subscribers.

Our YouTube SEO marketing services are very pocket friendly and highly effective in getting your video listed on the first page of YouTube Search Results.

Are you concerned about your business growth online?

If you have any question like How long does it take for you to reach the first page of Google, feel free to ask this from our team of SEO experts. We’ll create SEO strategies after a proper SEO audit of your online presence for your business growth through your website and Social Media Marketing.

frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of questions related to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that are mostly asked by our customers before starting the SEO services. If you have still got some query related to SEO, feel free to ask your questions from our experts. 

SEO Company in Sydney

It totally depends on how high the competition for the keywords associated with your website is. Once the right keywords are set using keyword research and other factors associated to on-page SEO and off-page SEO are tweaked, the results will start appearing and you’ll be able to monitor the SEO results using Google Webmasters. Offering the award winning SEO service, we make it possible for your website to ace those search results on Google and other search engines.

SEO is an ongoing process which is coupled with Social Media Marketing to take out the maximum benefit out of the digital marketing / online marketing campaign. Although your website may retain the top rankings as a result of the SEO, however, it can be out ranked by your competitors who are also working constantly to reach out the top positions on the search engines.

Feel free to contact our SEO company to determine the best SEO strategy for your business growth.

The web design has a definite impact on the SEO performance of a website. Google now considers the mobile-friendly / mobile-first design for being the key factor of determining how users will interact with your website. This is because of the fact that a majority of the searches these days are made using the mobile devices and better the mobile design / layout of the website, better will be the Google rankings.

Feel free to contact us for getting your website designed as per the right SEO strategy.

Vikilinks is known to offer the right SEO advice to the clients which makes them deliver the best SEO services in Sydney. We only need an overview of your business, description of your Google ads (if running) and the links to your Social Media profiles to determine the right SEO strategy for you.

Apart from this, in order to work on your local SEO, we’ll also need access to your Google My Business profile as it is your Google My Business profile from where you manage your Google Maps listing.

The final cost of your SEO subscription / SEO service will depend on the keyword competition and the outcomes that you’ll specify. The initial SEO audit will determine the keywords for your website and we’ll quote you based on it.

If you still have questions in your mind, feel free to ask our SEO specialists. Being the best SEO agency in Sydney we can help you become a champion in local SEO and also to attain top results in organic search results and that too within the reach of your pocket.

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Hundreds of business owners have already boosted their Google Rankings using our SEO strategies. Apart from other SEO agencies, we take pride in customer satisfaction and your online business growth through our online marketing services. Our work has been loved and praised by all our clients from time to time. A lot of Sydney businesses have also rated us as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney.


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